Colibri Camping & Ecolodge - La Paz Bolivia

Colibri Camping & Ecolodge, voluntariado al lado de La Paz

[Bolivia] Half an hour from La Paz city center, we met Emma & Rolando. This anglo-bolivian couple developped during these last twenty years a great volunteering project in order to support seven different initiatives of social responsability and local development within their district (Jupapina and Mallasa): Up Close Bolivia. They also converted their lunar-scenery-garden into a more »

La Estancia Ecolodge, en la parte boliviana del Lago Titicaca

[Bolivia] We opened, with Elsa, our Bolivian HopTour starting with a short 2-nights-stay at 3800m high on the “sun island” of the Titicaca Lake. We met there Mateo and the Ecolodge La Estancia: bio-construction and paradox of the water as rare resources in the middle of a lake. Watch the video below!  Videos – HopHost : La more »