Ilhabela, Brazil

Day 650 : Ilhabela, the “Beautiful-Island”

Ilhabela is small Brazilian island very easy to access as it is located at just twenty minutes in boat from the coast and 4h of bus ride from Sao Paulo. 85% of the island is UNESCO biosphere reserve classified (“mata atlantica” forest) and several isolated beaches are inhabited by traditional caiçaras fishermen communities: an amazing destination for more »

Day 620 : Through the pacified favelas of Rio

After a first crazy  stay during Rio de Janeiro’s carnival, here I am, back for a second “carioca” experience with a sweet program: Encounters and HopTrips with tourism initiatives having a positive social and/or ecological impact in five different communities (pacified favelas) : Babilonia, Santa Marta, Vidigal, Alemao, Tabajaras. Visit of Rio de Janeiro with my more »