Two years later : some news from Latin America

From 2014 to 2016 I traveled through 16 countries of Latin America swapping my marketing skills in exchange for food and accomodation, and making videos to document good practices for a more responsible and sustainable tourism : a HopTour of Latin America. I stayed in touch with many of the tourism stakeholders I met on more »

Working as a travel writer for Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador

Back from my great journey through Latin America, I traveled again during two months in central america in order to update french travel guide books : Petit Futé Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador. I took advantage of this second trip there to visit some sustainable tourism initiatives and realized some new video-interviews published then on Hopineo YouTube more »

Vidéo de ce HopTour d'Amerique Latine

End of HopTour Latin America: the video!

A huge thank you for having followed me all along these two years around Latin America! I compiled a short 2min film as a restrospective for this great journey: All about this HopTour of Latin America: Here I am now back in Lyon, France. However the adventure is not totally finished: I will continue more »

musiques d'amérique latine

Musics of Latin America

Spanish, portuguese… I’m in love. I share below a selection of the discoveries or rediscoveries which accompanied me during my two years trip through Latin America. Well, I have to warn you, it’s like tropical rainforests, rich in diversity…! CUMBIA ELECTRO La Yegros – Argentina Bomba Estereo – Colombia Fauna – Argentina Systema Solar – Colombia more »

25 Hotels Visited by Florie in Central America

Central America: Stopped at 25 Hotels

These past six months of gallivanting around Central America comprise the first chapter of this HopTour through Latin America which is now coming to an end. From Mexico to Panama, I gave a marketing boost to 25 hotels in exchange for room and board. I also took the opportunity to learn all their best practices more »

Compil Photos Amérique Centrale

Central America, through 10 Great Experiences

These 6 last months rambling around Central America reserved me a wonderful bunch of surprises: budding speleologist, Indiana Jones girl, apprentice mermaid… I share with you a little bit of this magical cocktail of emotions through 10 unique experiences from Mexico to Panama: 1. Budding Speleologist …by exploring crystalline blue underground waters. Mexico, Yucatan, Cenote more »